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Last week we talked about “Cigar Anatomy: Binders and fillers” This week is part 2, where we tell you about the different filler types: Ligero, Seco, or Volado.


Ligero filler leaves come from the top portion of the tobacco plant. Because they get the most sunlight, these leaves develop a lot of oil and burn slowly. They also have the strongest flavor of the 3 types of leaves.


The Seco leaves come from the middle of the plant. They are known for providing an even burn and medium strength and flavor.


The leaves at the bottom of the plant are called Volado fillers. Because they get the least amount of sun, they develop lighter flavors. Less oily than the other 2 styles, these leaves burn faster.

There are many variables for a blender to consider when preparing the filler. Mixing different ratios of Ligero, Seco, and Velado leaves determines the strength and the burn of the cigar.


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