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This is part 3 of the Cigar Anatomy post this is kinda a short post but covers the rest of the information about Binders and Fillers

Different tobacco varieties from different locations all have distinct flavors and strengths. Cuban tobacco will give a cigar flavors that are very different from plants grown in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua. Even if the seed strain is the same, the unique growing conditions in each location like the ground minerals and strength of the sun will give the plant its own flavors.

Considering all of these variables, a blender will choose filler leaves to create a recipe for the cigar. The plant variety, the growing location, and the leaf variety (Ligero, Seco, or Volado) all bring different qualities to the overall smoking experience of the cigar. Some blenders can find different combinations to create a consistent flavor and strength, but using a single recipe is the best way to create a cigar that gives the same flavors, burn, and experience each time someone lights one up.

Binder and filler tobacco leaves are what you experience, though may not see in a cigar. When you get a good, even burn and a long ash, those are signs that you have quality ingredients inside of that wrapper.

Resources: Thomson Cigar
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