Cigar Rollers School

This intensive six 6 day course is geared toward the cigar industry and those wanting to bring back cigar rolling skills to their own shop. Classes are on a one to one basis and instruction will be provided by highly experienced cigar rollers. We will teach you the Cuban style of cigar making.

This course will teach you every aspect of the cigar rolling process from selecting and blending the leaf to box presentation and after completion of the final wrapper phase. You will roll cigars in our window on Alamogordo’s Main Street as your final test before you “graduate”.

This is a “can’t miss” investment and an absolute must for the serious cigar entrepreneur or store owner. The payoff is increased traffic, customer appeal, and higher margins. Set yourself apart from the competition. We have already taken the risk and proven that it is worth its weight in gold. Now is your chance to cash in and turbo charge your business.

Cigar Molds, cutting boards, chavetas (cigar cutting “knife”), glue, cigar presses, and all other related equipment available at market price. Filler, binder, and wrapper leaf, along with factory rolled cigars using the same blends of tobacco, are also available.

For more information on Cigar Rollers School call +1 575-415-7886 or send an email to rob@havecigar.com.

Cigar Rollers School

  • Learn every aspect of cigar rolling, leaf selection and blending.
  • All instructors are expert cigar rollers.
  • All classes are 1 on 1 and scheduled on individual basis.
  • Intensive 6 day course approx 40 hours of instruction.


  • Bring increased traffic, customer appeal, and higher margins to your store.
  • Do outside events such as Weddings, Parties, Corporate events, and Golf Tournaments.
  • Increase your Revenue.
  • Separate yourself from the competition.
  • Can’t miss opportunity. Be the only cigar roller in your area.