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“Maduro” is the Spanish word for “ripe” and is use cigar-wise to refer to the extra time required and the dark colors achieved during the natural fermentation of maduro wrappers. Typically these wrappers are oily, plush with flavor, and earthy to the nose.

Dark and as rich tasting as the earth from which they grow, Maduro-wrapped cigars are a favorite among many. They are the darkest of all the various shades of brown, and provide a wide array of tastes, from a sweet, mellow flavor to a robust and hearty taste that only the most seasoned smoker could appreciate.


Maduro is not a type of wrapper. Maduro simply means ripe, and almost any strain of tobacco leaf can ‘become maduro.’ Consider it a state of the leaf achieved through extensive fermentation – the natural introduction of a leaf to high temperatures and moisture. During the fermentation process, the natural oils within the tobacco leaf come to the surface, and the color of the leaf darkens. While this can enhance the flavor of the smoke, the leaf actually becomes mellower. Because of this, there are many maduro-wrapped, mild-bodied cigars on the market.


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